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Veggie bed

Posted in Gardening, Woodworking

We have a lovely, well: stunning roof terrace in our Berlin appartment, which kind of forces you in the nicest way to grow plants on it. And flowers are nice, but growing stuff you can eat is a lot more satisfying to me. Growing veggies in normal flowerpots is a bit of pain though, so I build this huge veggie bed for the terrace.

It’s about 3m x 0.6m, so almost 2m² to grow salad (thats rocket you see on the picture), tomatoes, beet root, sunflowers and whatever else grows in shitty Berlin summers. Sorry for the bad pictures.

The construction is basically a wooden box. The floor is made out of netting wire and to make it last a while I used pond liner to not have the wet earth press against the wood all the time.

Progress of building the table 2 Progress of building the table 3

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