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Orbitals step sequencer

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I was extremely stunned by the sheer beauty of Hexinverters Orbitals step-sequencer. The led-push-buttons, the whole layout. I could not resist building a unit for myself. As it is quite big (42hp) I decided to gift it with its own home and made a truely homemade panel for it.

Building the module itself was pretty much straight forward, thanks to the great build-guide. The interesting part was building the case and doing the frontpanel. I built two cases, because I was not happy with the first one (from plexiglas). The second one is wooden (I spraypainted the front and the back).

The panel (I had a blank 42hp lying around, came with my case back in the days) is handdrilled with my drill press and then spraypainted. I used Letraset for labeling the panel. I do love the vintagy-used look it got from that!

Last but not least I had to add an extra power-supply, since I wanted the sequencer to be independent from the rest of my setup. I build it on stripboard using this layout (scroll down to post 12).

Some more pictures:

orbitals view 1 orbitals view 2 orbitals view 2

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