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Solid wood kitchen

Posted in Furniture, Woodworking

Our flat had this really old, crappy built-in kitchen. I’m pretty sure it was even cheaper than IKEA … it was also falling apart. Literally. 2 doors had already fallen off … So my flatmates and I decided to build a new one (the other option would have been to get an equally shitty new ktichen from the landlord).

Googling around I found this awesome guy way out of Berlin who’s selling actual planks with bark and everything. Just a trunk sliced up. So we bought quite a lot of finest larch-wood and started building. Sorry for not taking pictures during the process. We were too busy planning / building …

kitchen view 1 kitchen view 2 kitchen view 3 kitchen view 4 kitchen view 5 kitchen view 6 kitchen view 7

Pictures of the old kitchen

I just found some pictures of the old kitchen. Just so you get an idea. I took them to convince the landlord that the kitchen is no good no more :)

oldkitchen view 1 oldkitchen view 2 oldkitchen view 3 oldkitchen view 2 oldkitchen view 3

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