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STEPeight - baby8 in Lego-case

Posted in SDIY, Stripboard, Lego

Another SDIY classic: the baby8. This has been build by so many people in various forms, so I won’t go too much into detail. I used this stripboard-layout to fire it up.

I had already build one of these before in a wooden case, so I wanted to spice this one up a little. Thus I added the following features:

  • adjustable gate-length (most info is in here german only, sorry). Essentially I used this circuit thanks a lot to elektrouwe!
  • external clock in (just insert it between the “onboard-clock” with a switchable-jack)
  • external reset in, check from fonitroniks schematics for details

It runs on a 9V battery. So its a nice little autonomous maschine.

I am a traffic engineer, programmer, music enthusiast and most of all a creator of things. On this website I present you a broad collection of things I made. Enjoy, get inspired and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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