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808 stripboard build

Posted in SDIY, Stripboard

I think everyone who is into electronic music is enthused by the sound of the father/mother of all drummaschines - Roland’s TR-808. Prices for original, vintage maschines are mental though (much higher then the original retail price …). The user -minus- on did however release stripboard-layouts for most of the soundsources.

I started with the signature sound of the 808 … the kickdrum. Here are some quite random demosounds.

  • 808 kick demo:

I sourced all the parts for the rest of the units, but never really got round building it. So I handed the project over to a fellow SDIY-builder here in Berlin. I hope to get some sound samples from him soon.

Since it is quite hard to find all the stripboard-layouts in the different threads, I collected them all and you can download them here: 808-stripboard-layouts.

I am a traffic engineer, programmer, music enthusiast and most of all a creator of things. On this website I present you a broad collection of things I made. Enjoy, get inspired and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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