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Fully modded: Monotron

Posted in Modding, SDIY, Monotron

Korg’s Monotrons are a great toy. Especially because they were obviously build modding friendly. I modded both this Monotron and a Monotron Delay. Both toys were turned into an awesome, but still not to serious synthesizer.

The feature list

  • replaced all the fiddly pots with normal sized ones
  • replaced Monotrons toggle switch (off - pitch - cutoff) with a new switch
  • added patchpoints for CV, cutoff frequency, gate and external in (check dinsync)
  • added switch to choose between LFO mode between one-shot EG and LFO (check houshu)
  • added feedback, the output going back to the input through a simple diode
  • removed R11 to avoid the gate voltage affecting the pitch. Also puts Monotron in “Drone-Mode”
  • switch to turn VCO off (check houshu)

More pictures

monotron 1 monotron 2

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