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Brewday - The IPA Perle

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I have been starting to brew my own beer this year. After travelling New Zealand for quite some time, I finally realised that beer is awesome. NZ is full of micro-breweries and awesome beers. Thank you!


Thanks to a nice british fella we met in Wellington I learned about Brew In A Bag (BIAB). Basically you mash in a bag, so you can skip the lautering and just take the bag out after your mashing is done. There are plenty of brewing instructions as well as BIAB instruction online, so I won’t get into detail here.

Todays recipe

Today I am brewing an IPA recipe with Perle, Cascade and Amarillo Gold hops. But, I don’t have Cascade and Amarillo Gold, so I will substitute those with Motueka hops. Good old New Zealand style …


4,41 kg Pale Malt (2 Row)

0,24 kg White Wheat Malt

0,12 kg Munich Malt

0,07 kg Caravienne Malt


27g Perle - Boil 60,0 min

27g Motueka - Boil 5,0 min

35g Motueka - Dry hop 4 days


Safale S-04 Ale Dry Yeast

Some pictures of the brewing process

brewday ipa 1 brewday ipa 2 brewday ipa 3 brewday ipa 4 brewday ipa 5 brewday ipa 6

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